Conflict made conscious is the seed of all innovation.

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How does Conflict Yes work?


Conflict doesn’t have to be scary or harmful. We tend to think of conflict as a problem that needs to be resolved ASAP, but the first step of Conflict Yes is to change our state of mind around conflict. It’s a place where crucial learning happens, so we can take the next step toward innovation.


Once we have shifted our state of mind, we no longer need to avoid conflict or escalate it. Now we can learn and practice active listening to get to the root of the issue at hand. What does this conflict mean, what is it asking of us, and what can it yield?


Beyond difficult conversations, there is fertile soil. It’s not about saying the “right” or “wrong” thing, but communicating toward a collective vision. This is how we begin to raise productivity and create shared value.


Are you ready to make conflict work for you?